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There is no cure for AIDS at this time. However, a variety of treatments are available that can help keep symptoms at bay improve the quality of life of those who have already developed symptoms.

Antiretroviral therapy suppresses the replication of the HIV virus in the body. A combination of several antiretroviral agents, termed highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), has been highly effective in reducing the number of HIV particles in the bloodstream, as measured by a blood test called the viral load. Preventing the virus from replicating can help the immune system recover from the HIV infection and improve T-CELL Counts.

HAART is not a cure for HIV, and people on HAART with suppressed levels of HIV can still transmit the virus to others through sex or sharing of needles. BUT HAART has been enormously effective for the past 10 years. There is good evidence that if the levels of HIV remain suppressed and the CD4 counts remain high (above 200 cells/mL), life can be significantly prolonged and improved.

However, HIV may become resistant to HAART in patients who do not take their medications as scheduled every day. Genetic tests are now available to determine whether a particular HIV strain is resistant to a particular drug. This information may be useful in determining the best drug combination for each individual, and adjusting the drug regimen if it starts to fail. These tests should be performed any time a treatment strategy begins to fail, and prior to starting therapy.
When HIV becomes resistant to HAART, other drug combinations must be used to try top suppress the resistant strain on HIV. There are a variety of new drugs coming out on the market for the treatment of drug resistant HIV.

Treatment with HAART has complications. HAART is a collection of different medications, each with its own side effects. Some common side effects are nausea, headache, weakness, malaise (a general sick feeling ), and fat accumulation on back (“buffalo hump”) and abdomen . When used for a long time, these medications increase the risk of heart attack by increasing the levels of fat and glucose in the blood.

Any doctor prescribing HAART should carefully watch the patient for possible side effects associated with the combination of medications the patient takes. In addition, routine blood tests measuring CD4 counts and HIV viral load (a blood test that measures how much virus in the blood) should be taken every 3 to 4 months. The goal is to get the CD4 count as close to normal as possible, and to suppress the HIV amount of virus in the blood to an undetectable level.

Other antiviral medications are being investigated. In addition, growth factors that stimulate cell growth, such as Epogen (erthythropoetin) and G-CSF are sometimes used to treat anemia and low white blood cell counts associated with AIDS.

Medications are also used to prevent opportunistic infections (such as Pneumocystis uiroveci pneumonia) if the CD4 count is low enough. This keeps AIDS patients healthier for longer periods of time. Opportunistic infections are treated when they happen.

In the light of advances in Science as of today, the effectiveness of Melliwil in AIDS cannot be over-emphasized. Two cases in Papua New Guinea have been shown improvement with megadose use of Melliwil (7 capsules TID). The pharmacologic strength of MCV over other drugs used for AIDS could be secondary to its immense & unique features such as high oxygen content which allows healthy environmental conditions for T helper cells to proliferate and weaken the cells affected by AIDS virus already. Therefore, in the long run, diminishing the viral load to normal state, or even eliminate the virus in due time. Cure for AIDS could also be possible with MELLIWIL due to it’s capability of stimulating eryththropoiesis (like what Epogen and G-CSF action). With healthier erythropoietin structures, the body will be assured of healthier bloods elements which “help” the sick cells “overcome their state of being ill,” thus in the process, reduce the viral load, and possibly eliminate the disease state. In addition, “unfriendly” to the AIDS-stricken cells, thereby leading to its natural apoptosis. Likewise, the strong immuno-enhancing properties of Melliwil induces the healthy cells to shield them from infections AIDS particles, allowing them to multiply healthy, while the “AIDS stricken cells” deteriorates to its natural death.


D - DETOXIFIER: Allows systematic clearance of drugs and toxins.

A - ANTIDOTE: Universal for poisons and toxic chemicals and drugs and with super anti-oxidant properties too.

R - REDUCES CHOLESTEROL: Therefore good for coronary artery disease and arteriosclerosis

L - LIFE EXPENTANCY-ENHANCER: Adding 40% more years amongst laboratory animal studies

I - INTESTINAL ACTIVITY REGULATOR: Thus great for acute gastro-enteritis and related illnesses

N - NEUTRALIZING EFFECTS OF MICROORGANISM: Thus harmful bi products are not produced.


Dissecting further on the salient features of MELLIWIL CARBO VEGETALIS (MCV), from the physiologist point of view, I would like to enumerate the eight (8) elements present in this wonderful product and relate it to their functionality.

1. Carbon (C) – being the most abundant element in the universe, it is the source of all organic compounds and organisms depend on this element for their growth, development and energy source.

2. Oxygen (0) – the third most abundant element in the universe. Our human body is oxygen rich (about 2/3 of our body is made up of oxygen) and we always wonder because of its rejuvenating effects at the cellular level – a total wound healer, energy enhancer and detoxifier.

3. Calcium (Ca) – discovered in 1808, 99% of this element is known to be the framework of our bones while 1% is essential in muscle contraction and regulation of nerve impulses.

4. Potassium (K+) – main cation intracellullarly essential in the maintenance of Na-K+ pump for effective nuero muscular functions.

5. Magnesium (Mg+) – essential for fuel production from glucose utilization and is essential in genetics and for effective muscle contractions.

6. Copper (Cu) – it is an essential element in the production of a vital hormone noradrenalin.

7. Phosphorous (P) – an essential element in the production of ATP (energy source) and creatine phosphate. It has very good functions in the metabolism of hematopoietic cells especially (red blood cells) RBCs.

8. Silicon (SI) – contributory to RBC production and a regulator in production of connective tissues, such as tendons and ligament support of the body.

Now, we proceed to the specific wonderful pharmacologic effects of MELLIWIL CARBO VEGETALIS (MCV). Let’s start from the cephalic to caudal discussion. Given the basic knowledge about MCV, it is therefore essential to highlight its wonderful “curing effects” in a tremendous list of illnesses/diseases:

MELLIWIL and the Brain

1. On memory enhancement – Melliwil enhances neuronal uptake/condition/activities secondary to its high oxygen content and anti-oxidant properties. Excellent also for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke, and Schizophrenia.

2. On depression and bipolar conditions – Melliwil inhibits the neuronal reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin into the pre-synaptic nerve terminals and remarkable effects are seen as early as an hour post cibum.

3. On extra-pyramidal signs/abnormalities – MCV modulates the extra-pyramidal activities by decreasing the firing of neuronal action potentials, thus, it provides promising results to Parkinson’s disease and uncontrolled muscular movement in cerebral palsy cases.

4. Calming effect on emotional instability – MCV modulates the limbed system activities.

5. Calming effect on the vomiting center – MCV modulates the vomiting center activities

6. Calming effect on vertigo center – MCV modulates the activities of vestibular and vertigo centers.

7. Effect on visual acuity – reconstructs/re-aligns optic and retinal abnormality via efficient molecular revision.

8. Effect on hearing impairment – reconstructs any hearing apparatus abnormality via efficient molecular repair.

9. Effect on cerebrovascular accident cases – restores all dearrangement via molecular intelligence and functions.

10. Effects on conjunctival abnormalities – clears up all causes of conjunctivitis, pteridium, and dirty sclera via molecular clearing up modalities.

11. Effects on neuropathies/myositis/fasciitis/tendinitis/mylagia/fibro-myalgia – MCV’s potent anti-inflammatory action calms every nerve, muscle, tendons, and fascia in the body.

Also its high oxygen content relieves the inflammatory lesions thus showed very promising effects on the above conditions.

MELLIWIL & Cardiovascular Disorders

1. On Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD) – Melliwil being a lipids processor regulates cholesterol levels in the blood stream, thus, preventing the occurrence and/or recurrence of signs and symptoms of CAD.

2. On Acute Myocardial Infraction – it decreases coronary vasoconstriction or spasms and increase perfusion of the myocardium by relaxing the coronary arteries. By giving it sublingual, patient is assured of stopping the AMI. For chronics MI, Melliwil acts to enhance oxygenation of the arterial wall and thus removing the long term plaques causing obstruction of delivering the nutrients to the damage part of the heart. The high oxygen content of MCV allows easy perfusion of nutrients to the damaged area of the heart, thus reconstructive changes are highly expected.

3. On hypertensive conditions and crisis – The high oxygen content of MCV provides relaxing effects on the arteries, thus, cardiac output and peripheral pressure are modulated to normal function.

4. On acute Myocarditis and cardiompathies – the high oxygen capacity and powerful anti-inflammatory effects or MCV provides a calming effect on the myocardium and brings it back to its normal function.

5. On rheumatic heart disease – MCV’s high oxygen load prevents the streptococcal plaques to vegetate and cause abnormal lesions s especially common in the mitral valve.

6. On Congenital Heart Diseases – MCV’s wonderful reconstructive effects via molecular intelligence are overwhelming therefore any abnormal spot nor opening will be renewed to its proper anatomy and functions.

MELLIWIL & Respiratory Disorders

1. On Bronchial Asthma – MCV has a very potent broncho dilating activity, thus, even without initial inhalational drug a sublingual intake of MCV capsule will provide immediate relief to the patient. It is more potent than Salbutamol and Terbutalline.

2. On Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases – MCV has very efficient phagocytic activities to cleanse the airway of excessive mucus secretions, its anti-inflammatory activity relieves airway edema and its high oxygen content calms the airways to act normally and takes relief from its hyperactivity. These pharmacologic activities of MCV strengthen its effectiveness also in Bronchial Asthma in Acute Exacerbation.

3. On pulmonary edema – its phagocytic effects and high oxygen content allows normalization of pulmonary fluid by molecular activities.

4. On lymphomas in the trachea-bronchial tree – the great anti-inflammatory effects of MCV and its oxygen content reverts the sizes of this nodules into its anatomic size and completely heals the lymphomatous growths, which may obstruct the airways if uncorrected.

5. On Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) – MCV is a “mira cure” product for intractable diseases like PTB. Besides its great anti-inflammatory action, its oxygen content enhances nutrition unto the cells, thus, the lungs become healthy again. The immuno-regulatory effects of MCV are very promising as far as our war against multi-drug resistance (MDRs) is concerned. We shall win the battle over MDR-PTBs with Melliwil.

Melliwil & Digestive Disorders, Including Accessory Organ Diseases

1. On food poisoning – MCV has activated carbon which it is a very potent antidote. Besides, it cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract by its innate macrophages or phagocytic activities.

2. Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD)/Acute Gastritis/Peptic ulcer disease – MCV has neutralizing action on the acid producing cells of the stomach and thus its regulates its activities to avoid such conditions.

3. On vomiting – it has an anti-emetic property which can be perfectly given per-orem.

4. On abdominal colic – MCV has potent anti-spasmodic activity. More potent than Hyoscine.

5. On acute dysenteries, infectious and non-infectious diarrhea – MCV has phagocytic activity that engulfs all unnecessary bowel contents, has molecular way of rehydrating the cells, thus, patient will be relieved within 24 hours.

6. On Diabetes Mellitus control – it has a direct effect on the activity of the B-cells of the pancreas, which produces the insulin necessary to regulate the blood sugar. It is equipotent as the locally available oral hypoglycemic with no side effects.

7. On hypersplenism/hepatoslenomegaly/hepatomegaly – it has a unique molecular reconstruction aided by its very potent anti-inflammatory, high oxygen content, and reconstructive cellular activities which revert back the sizes of these vital organs to normal.

Melliwil & Reproductive and Gynecologic Abnormalities

1. On issues of Amenorrhea due to Immature Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis (IHPA) – MCV activates the maturity of the problematic HPA, thus, normal functioning of the system is ensured. The patient menstruates normally after giving the desirable amount of MCV.

2. On menopausal issues and aging – MCV has a rejuvenating action on the lining cells of the reproductive organs, thus, it maintains the “youthfulness” of the ovaries by sustaining the release of female hormones (i.e. estrogen and progesterone), which maintains subtleness and smoothness of the skin.

3. On issues on surgical menopause and accelerated aging – above pharmacologic mechanism of MCV is plausible. Plus the fact that MCV has a superlative anti-aging action that even without the ovaries brought about by the surgery, the “accelerated aging” concern is nil with constant use of Melliwil.

4. On cases of reproductive pathologies such as benign (e.g. polyps/myomas/cysts and malignant tumors (e.g. uterine cancers) – besides its known anti-inflammatory properties and high-oxygen content, the MCV’s unique properties have dramatic and positive effects on its resolution to normal anatomy and physiologic make-up. The pharmacologic actions of MCV for such abnormalities are so enormous and intricately designed molecularly with intelligences to it. Thus small sized reproductive lesions need no exposure to exploratory surgeries at all.

5. Recurrent abortions – MCV’s unique effects in the ovaries create sustained released of needed progesterone to carry out pregnancy, also, MCV readies the endometrium for the succeeding healthy uterine environment.

6. On pregnancy and lactation – MCV ensures healthy pregnancy state by minimizing accompanying problematic conditions. It activates “Prolactin” hormone, thus enhancing healthy lactation after birth (some could be overflowing with milk).

7. On issues of thickened endometrium – MCV’s unique anti-inflammatory phagocytic properties normalizes the said condition in a month’s time. Though the De Cajon management for such a condition is a Dilation and Curretage, for as reluctant patient who can’t afford surgery may opt to have MCV first for last and positive results.

8. On polycystic ovaries – MCVs unique properties normalize the sizes of the ovaries and vanishes the cystic lesions growing in it making it “polycystic.” This unique action is coupled again by the changes made through intricate molecular intelligences.

Melliwil and Urinary and Urogenital Infections

1. On Urinary Tract Infections – though MCV is noted to be devoid of antibiotics, MCV’s pharmacologic action in cases of UTIs would most probably emanates from the fact that it’s a very good anti-inflammatory agent that ensures normal physiologic properties of the urinary tract. Also, the fact that MCV is equipped with “superlative phagocytic properties,” which help in scavenging and cleaning up of unwanted debris, and infectious agents, which may potentially cause of infection. Thus, it is still academic to say that MCV is a very good treatment for UTIs.

2. On Urolithiasis – the above pharmacologic explanation will help explain the role of MCV to urolithiasis. Also MCV’s cleansing would tag along minute “foci of infections” which become the tiny particles of “stones” and readily flush it together with the urine.

3. On Hernias – MCV act as a cohesive agent which tightens the fascia intact and thus prevents further herniation from the abdominal region down to the inguinal or scrotal areas. 4. On Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy – the anti-inflammatory property of MCV plus the molecular reconstructive properties of MCV brings about a healthy prostrate and prevents it from getting a cancer-stricken prostrate.

5. On Urinary Structures – the above pharmacologic explanation will help explain the role of MCV with the resolution of urinary structures leading to a normally functioning urethra. Melliwil & Carcinogenesis The pharmacologic explanation of Melliwil’s powerful “anti-cancer” mechanism is overwhelming. It emanates from combating the growth of cancer cells, thus, leading to its natural apoptosis, as normal healthy “non-cancer” cell proliferate. The battle between one’s immunity and cancer state cannot be over-emphasized here. MCV’s equipped with its immuno-enhancing capability and thus with initial MCV mega doses, the immuno-regulatory response of the human body is activated leading to over-all stronger condition to combat life-threatening cancers, regardless of where it originate.

Synopsis of Case Reports of Cerebral Palsy Patient with Positive Outcomes after Using Melliwil Carbo Vegetalis Capsules

Inset: Photo shows the remarkable improvement of a 5-year old girl suffering from excessive involuntary movements and seizures due to cerebral palsy. The child's physical condition improved. Her seizures had been seldom and she became more relax and calm, after taking Melliwil capsules for a week.

Melliwil Carbo Vegitalis(Melliwil capsules) capsule, a food supplement made up of activated carbon from dried leaves & stems of the following plants: Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius), Cucumber (Cucumis sativus), Soya (Glycine soya) and Sayote (Sechium edule), prepared at 125 mg each of the above constituents, was given to various clinical cases seen. The reports are gathered as cases come for consultation and are therefore in a bi-weekly,some weekly, and some on a monthly basis. Cases are defined as patients coming in for consultation described in various ages, socio-economic and emotional conditions. A Positive outcome is defined as a condition where there are elicited alleviating changes in the over-all well-being of the patient. These changes may range from complete freedom from pains, mobility & increased mobility from previous activities of daily living(ADL), reduction, and to some complete recovery from initial ailment/impairment. These case reports were gathered from October,2008-February 14, 2009.

A case report of a 5 year-old, female cerebral palsy patient who came in for consultation because of excessive involuntary movement and delayed motor development, with exacerbations of allergic rhinitis. Below is the list of signs and symtoms of cerebral palsy which maybe mild or subtle or quite obvious. This list was used as an objective guide to assess the efficacy of Melliwil capsules in this case:

Table 1. Improvements shown by a 5-year old kid who suffers from cerebral palsy before and after taking Melliwil capsules for a week

After Giving Melliwil capsules (a week after)
Poor head control
Improved head control
Difficulty feeding and sucking
Improved feeding
Delays in motor development
Improved motor development
Lying in awkward positions
Easily or frequently startled
Delay in crawling, walking, pushing up on all fours
Favoring of one hand over the other
Abnormal crawling
Floppy or stiff movements (overdeveloped or underdeveloped muscles)
Ataxia (loss of coordination and balance)
Athetosis (involuntary slow, writhing movements)
Spastic paralysis (abnormal stiffness and contraction of muscles)
Motor impairment (difficulty with writing and other coordinated tasks)
Involuntary movements
Difficulty with speech, hearing, or vision
Difficulty with perception or sensation
Inability to control bladder
Inability to control bowels
Breathing difficulties
Behavioral and/or attention deficit disorders
Impaired sense of touch or pain
Swallowing problems
Limited range of motion
Progressive joint contractures
Not noted
Slow overall development
Showed very promising positive results after a week observation

The case was followed -up in a weekly basis, and showed over-all improvement. The seizures were taken cared of by Phenobarbital gr. 1/2 daily. Short term decongestants and antihistamines were given for the episodes of allergic rhinitis. There were no noted adverse effects in combining Melliwil capsules with conventional medications but it has been strongly recommended that it should be given at least 2 hours apart.

Melliwil's Pharmacologic Role in Dementia

Dementia is a large category of neurodegenerative conditions that affect the brain; it includes Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, frontal temporal dementia, dementia pugilistica (boxer's, or repeated traumatic, dementia), and alcoholic dementia, as well as a few other rare conditions. Memory loss, problems with processing information, and impaired executive and planning functions are prominent signs of dementia. The term "senility" is frequently used as well. The problem with this word is that it conveys the idea that dementia is an inevitable concomitant of aging ("senile" means old). While aging is the key risk factor for dementia, it is not the direct cause. Genetic factors play an important role, and environmental and behavioral factors are probably also connected.

Melliwil promises cure to this dramatic neurodegenerative condition (dementia). Pharmacologically, MCV revitalizes the neurons which is long said to be "non-renewable" structures (taught to us in medicine) . It seems amazing but the re-vitalization of the neuronal structures may occur in the genetic and cellular level thus signs of dementia such as memory loss, faulty processing of information, and impaired planning & executions of detailed acts are deferred.

Three (3) cases of Dengue Fever with Warning signs such as hemoconcentration and thrombocytopenia relieved by Melliwil Carbo Vegetalis intake

Case series of three (3) children ages 3, 5 and 6 afflicted with Dengue and with warning signs such as hemoconcentration and throbocytopenia, one with Hermann's rash presentation, were admitted in CMAC Hospital early part of the first quarter of this year, 2009. All cases reflected hemoconcentration and initial platelet count dipping into 90 , 120, and 130 thousand platelet count. All the children were given the usual necessary intravenous fluids computed by weight and hydration scheme plus Melliwil capsule given twice daily(BID). After the first administration of Melliwil capsule* the platelet count after 12 hours rose to about 50,000 plus above their baseline platelet count. Administering the second dose of the Melliwil capsule, the platelet count improved to 45,000 to 50,000. After two doses of the Melliwil capsule, there was noted normalization of the blood pictures hemoconcentration and thrombocytopenia practically reverted back to normal values.

*Note: Administration of Melliwil capsule is by creating a suspension by placing the contents of the capsule into 50-100 cc of milk or better, a choice of colored healthy drink such as milo or ovaltine.

Promising Effects of Melliwil on Diabetic Patients

A case series of a 46* and 53** year-old females and 88*** year-old male, all known diabetics with regular hypoglycemic medications and with problematic 'non-healing" diabetic ulcers at the right big toe , right anterior shin bone, and parieto-occipital region,respectively, unrelieved by conventional antibiotics, were healed by Melliwil by initially taking 7 capsules TID.

All cases took Melliwil capsules for a week at continuing dose of 7 capsules per day. All subjects reported that within an hour of initial Melliwil capsules intake, pain emanating from the ulcer sites was relieved. The former gangrenous diabetic ulcer with cellulitis was slowly transformed to normal skin after a week religious intake of Melliwil capsules.

A normal blood sugar in all three cases( 80-110mg/dl)was also noted at this time. There appears to be a strong correlation between the hypoglycemic property of Melliwil capsules and the normalization of blood sugar levels amongst patients suffering from DM Types I & II(Declaro,2009). Today the above three cases continue to take Melliwil capsules at TID dosing and with notable blood sugar which is within normal limits.

They also testified that they have stopped taking other conventional hypoglycemics and modified their lifestyle by eating friendly foods, stopped smoking and kept a good exercise for 20-30 minutes daily.

*Note: Type I (Diabetes Mellitus); Type I DM (Diabetes Mellitus); Type II DM (Diabetes Mellitus)


Anywhere from 50-67% of HBV infections are asymptomatic, 33-to50% are symptomatic. Traditional symptoms of HBV infection include the following:

  • Loss of appetite;
  • Jaundice (yellow skin and eyes);
  • Nausea, with or without vomiting;
  • Fever;
  • Weakness, tiredness, inability to work or function for significant periods of time * Abdominal pains;
  • Joint sorenes;
  • Dark urine;
  • Muscle Pain Symptoms are common to all viral Hepatitis infection.

In order to obtain a definitive diagnosis it is necessary to do a serological test to confirm the presence of Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg). In acute infection, HBsAg and immunoglobulin M (IgM) will be present in the serum. The IgM is anti-Hepatitis B core antigen (HBcAg) immunoglobulin and anti-Hepatitis B envelope antigen (HBeAg) immunoglobulin.

The presence of anti-HBsAg IgG indicates convalescence of the acute infection as this is the neutralizing antibody that serves as the correlate of immunity for HBV. Its presence indicates the end of acute infection and a state of immunity towards HBV. In contrast, HBsAg itself can be detected in the serum of chronic carriers for more than six months, often for lie.

In addition, the HBeAg is also detectable, while IgM anti-HBcAg becomes undetectable about six to nine post infection. In a hepatitis condition, although both the humoral and cell-mediated branches of the immune system are required to eliminate HBV infection, it is believed that chronic infections develop as the result of a weak T helper (Th) cell response to the virus, in particular to the HBsAg. It is this T cell response that is responsible for clearing the infected cells in the host’s system. When this clearance is inefficient, and the infected cells persist in the body, a chronic infection develops.

The humoral branch of the immune system is responsible for clearing the actual free virus particles from the host’s system. About 90% of adults who acquire HBV recover from it completely and become immune to the virus. The other 10% cases are the people who become chronic carriers. Melliwil’s wonders with Hepatitis B healing are basic. It is a nutraceutical with both immunogenic and immuno enhancing effects, thus it acts specifically on weak T-helper cells to be renewed and rise as a healthy cells thus the chronicity of the disease is avoided.

For the acute phase, it is proposing a marvelous work of sero-negative conversion within 1-2 months flooding Melliwil in the human system. The mechanism involved here is in supra-molecular level igniting the genetically weak cells by “transforming” them to a renewed fresh state.

Two (2) Case Series of Thickened Endometrium relieved by taking Melliwil at TID

There are two (2) cases of thickened endometrium diagnosed by sonographic means in a 28 and 32 year-old women, one a nulligravid and a G1P1 (1-0-0-1)case, respectively, who were started with Melliwil Carbo Vegetalis at a dose of one capsule TID for 3-4 weeks. A repeat sonographic evaluation after a month showed normal endometrial thickness without undergoing D&C in both cases. Although in the De Cajon management of thickened endometrium D & C is warranted as both diagnostic and therapeutic procedure, the patient would be relieved to know that there is a "wonderful light" in taking Melliwil capsules, which is crude and simple rather than undergoing an invasive approach. Note that in cases of endometrial thickening, an endometrial biopsy will be reflecting any abnormality such as an endometrial pathology( an endometrial mass?) or a benign endometrial mass in a form of polyp or an endometrial hyperplasia (overgrowth of endometrial tissue). Blood clots or retained pregnancy tissue (especially after a miscarriage or D&C) could be miss-read as thickened endometrium by a neophyte sonologist too. Notably, a too aggressive D & C and repeated procedure of such, could be contributory to a "thickened endometrium" also secondary to "excessive trauma" creating hyperplastic changes unto the endometrial lining (De Claro, 2009). In this two (2) cases of thickened endometrium, no other medications were given them during one month trial of Melliwil Carbo Vegetalis.

*Note: The cut-off endometrial thickness for a postmenopausal woman is 5mm (i.e., it should be no greater than 5mm).