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I am Ma. Rose B. Inumerable. I personally testify to the miraculous healing effect of MelliWil Carbo Vegetalis capsules.

I would like to thank MelliWil Carbo Vegetalis for healing my rheumatic heart disease, pulmonary pneumonia, cervical cancer, nervous breakdown, mental block and mental lapse. All of these health problems are all together healed by MelliWil Carbo Vegetalis. Just recently, I took two capsules in a day due to difficulty in urination and I have been immediately healed.

Truly, MelliWil Carbo Vegetalis is amazing!

Ma. Rose B. Inumerable
Manila City

Thank you very much to Melliwil Carbo Vegetalis Capsules. It cured my cough and lung cancer that had plagued me for almost thirty years.

I would like to thank Prof. Pagayanan, my student at the Graduate School and her husband for visiting me and giving me Melliwil Carbo Vegetalis capsules.

Dr. Lydia M. Joson, Ph.D.
Department of Science and Technology
Taguig City, Philippines

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